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Reversible Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

What’s better than getting a new jacket? Getting two new jackets! And what’s better than getting two new jackets? Getting one jacket that is two jackets.

Reversible jackets are a fun addition to any wardrobe, and with the weather warming up now is the perfect time to invest in one of these lightweight pieces of outerwear. Some are understated on both sides, while others are simple on the primary exterior and wacky on the interior — but both styles are a fun addition to any wardrobe.

1) Chimala: Reversible Zip-Up in Navy/White


First up is this Reversible Zip-Up from Chimala, which has a textured navy fabric on one side and a quilted white fabric on the other. Regardless of which side of this jacket is facing out, it has ribbed navy accents and functional hand-warmer pockets. The ribbed cuffs, hemline, and collar create a tonal exterior on one side but are contrasting on the other [scorpion embroidery kit not included -Ed].

Available for $540 from Unionmade Goods.

2) Factotum: Reversible Bomber in Black/Violet


Factotum has been producing clean, modernist clothing out of Japan for years, but their Reversible Black Bomber is perhaps one of their coolest pieces to date. The “exterior” of the jacket is a simple, black bomber jacket with all the details you would expect from a company of Factotum’s caliber: YKK zippers, linen/cotton fabric, and well executed ribbed accents. The “interior” is a bit more unique — it’s constructed of mesh fabric with and a stellar violet pattern back panel. Let this pattern peek out as a lining or wear it on the outside in all its glory, it’s up to you.

Available for $545 from Blueowl.

3) SOPHNET.: Reversible Souvenir Jacket in Navy/Mixed Motif


Souvenir Jackets can be fun to rock sometimes, but it’s hard to justify spending any significant chunk of change on an article of clothing that you don’t intend to wear too often. Enter Reversible Souvenir Jacket. Although this piece might not be for everyone, SOPHNET. really knocked this one out of the park in terms of both simplicity and eccentricity, which is no easy feat. One side is a navy athletic jacket with a slight sheen, but the other is a quirky collage of every pattern imaginable–camo, bandana, American flag, take your pick.

Available for $748 from Haven.

4) Alpha Industries: MA-1 Flight Jacket in Maroon


Some people might find reversible jackets to be a bit gimmicky, but the fact of the matter is they had a very functional purpose historically. During the Vietnam War, bright orange linings were added to flight jackets for pilots — in the event that a pilot’s plane was downed, he could reverse his jacket so that he could be easily identified and rescued. Alpha Industries includes this orange lining in all of their MA-1 Flight Jackets, which are available in eight colors. And light the real deal, these jackets are completely reversible as well.

Available for $140 from Alpha Industries.

5) Nudie: Brook Jacket in Black/Camo


Although Nudie is known for their jeans, many of their non-denim products are equally fantastic. Their Brook Jacket is one such item — it is a reversible jacket with a simple black exterior on one side and a geometric green camo on the other. It features ribbed cuffs, hemline, and collar, but unlike many reversible jackets on the market the ribbing color is different on both sides. This detail may seem small, but it really helps the garment to feel like two complete garments, rather than a garment and a gimmick.

Available for $450 from Revolve Clothing.

Plus One – Kapital: Striped Cotton/Velvet Souvenir Jacket


Not all souvenir jackets are created equal, and Kapital seems determined to produce the most souvenir-y souvenir jacket of them all. One side of this jacket is a comparably understated teal velvet with gold and green ribbing, while the other is a vertically striped with embroidered pineapple trees and flowers. It’s quite a unique look, and while I can’t see myself wearing either side of this jacket too often I’m strangely glad that someone out there is.

Available for $1010 from Mr. Porter.

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