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Shockoe Atelier Candiani Mills 12.5oz. Raw Indigo Tinted Weft Denim Blouson

Heaven bless the rounded pocket. Only those who have dug out tic-tacs in errant corners will know the built-in infuriation of squared-off pockets. Luckily, the good people at Shockoe Atelier know that feeling as well, and have made an all around solid jacket in their latest Tinted Weft Blouson.

Aside from the pockets, the blouson comes with a Storm Rider-esque corduroy collar, a double pleated back yoke, and waist back cinch buttons. It’s all done up in a mid-weight 12.5oz. tinted weft denim from Italy’s Candiani Mills as these months begin to cool down.

The blouson is available for a round sum of $295 at Shockoe.