Wrangler x Wacko Maria Sherpa-Lined Ranch Coats

Wrangler and Wacko Maria have recently teamed up for an updated spin off of a timeless American classic in the form of these new Sherpa-Lined Ranch Coats. Often taking the backseat to founding brothers extension brands such as Levi’s Vintage Clothing and Lee 1o1, Wrangler boasts no fancy high-end heritage collection or boutique-y limited production clothing line, but they are still very much a part of the game as can be seen with this collaboration.

From a distance, it may be hard to tell the new jacket from its original, with puffs of white sherpa lining popping out in the collar and down the the front, matched with copper buttons and Wrangler’s signature chest pocket stitching. However, the true differences lie in the shape of this jacket – cut in a more fitted and formed shape designed by Wacko Maria and manufactured by Wrangler. While it may not be the most detail oriented or period-correct piece, it’s nice to see Wrangler staying with the times and doing so with timeless class.

Available soon through Wacko Maria.