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Old Navy Slim Fit Selvedge Jeans

It has finally happened, folks. Some may say it was only a matter of time, others may be downright disgusted, but it’s true – nation-wide retailers Old Navy have released their first ever selvedge jeans. Now let’s take a closer look at the good, the bad, and the ugly about it.

Old Navy seems to have been able to stay afloat riding the coat tails of trending modern styles spanning the range of children through young adults. I’ve got to admit, the company has produced pieces that look nice (at least from 20 feet back in a window on a mannequin), but as we all know the larger issue here is how they are produced, including these jeans.

This pair of standard five pocket blue jeans has no extra frills or detailing, but then again there are almost no details available on them which makes me wonder where and how they are made. Fast fashion is hurting the world in more ways than one, and there’s no doubt that a company like Old Navy falls into that category, as the ever-affordable option for the savviest of shoppers. If you’re looking for selvedge jeans for under $60 new, you have found them. But we are pretty sure that’s not why you are here.

Available for $59.94 at Old Navy.