The Heddels Last Minute Gift Guide 2016

So here you are. Perhaps, yet again. You’ve procrastinated on buying gifts. If Christmas (or whichever winter holiday(s) you celebrate) didn’t have a date, you’d put it off forever. We get it, you don’t start until the pressure is on. And, well… the pressure is most certainly on.

If you’re reading this and it’s not quite too late, we’ve compiled a list of last-minute gifts to get for your loved ones. These may not be the most thoughtful gifts ever, but it’s the last-minute thought that counts. Note that depending on when you’re reading this, you might have to upgrade that shipping if you want it in time for December 25th.

American Trench Holiday Sock Bundle


Sure, it’s a cheap shot. But it doesn’t have to feel cheap. Upgrade your most basic of basics, and you’ll thank yourself. Once you try on that first pair of nice socks, you may never go back. So, why not lead your loved ones down a hand-linked rabbit hole with a starter pack? American Trench‘s Holiday Sock Bundle is the one we’re going down.

$84 at American Trench.

Reading Material


Is your soon-to-be gift receiver an avid reader? Damn near requisite reading material for the menswear enthusiast, we recommend Ametora, Denim Dudes, and Handmade Shoes for Men. Or you could follow our advice from last year and get a subscription to some type of menswear-related magazine like Jocks and Nerds. In the meantime, pick up the most current issue of Popeye, Clutch, or whatever, and wrap it up so your beloved blue jean wearer has something tangible to open until the next one arrives in the mail.

Blue Blooded available for $60 at Unionmade.

Leffot Ultra Shoe Trees


Does your giftee own a nice pair of goodyear welted shoes but lack the shoe trees to put into them? If so, why? Fill their stockings/shoes with the scent and feel of cedar wood. It’ll prevent their shoes from funking up and destroying their welted investment. We included a shoe care kit in our Affordable Holiday Gift Guide, but it didn’t include this key piece of shoe care. There are many different ones on the market, so take it from one of the best shoe shops out there.

$45 at Leffot.

Antique Boro Mending Kit


For the DIY Dude/Dudine, a sick little sashiko kit, indigo dyeing kit, or leather craft starter pack can do the trick. It’ll keep their idle little hands busy for a while. And who knows – you could possibly spark the next great denim brand with your last-minute gift idea. If that happens, we totally want the credit. This Antique Boro Mending Kit from Mujo is an ideal way to get the gears turning.

$39 at Folk Work Goods Etsy Shop

Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap


You can’t really enter your Fade of the Day submissions without a camera. If your giftee’s got the camera bit covered, do them a solid and get them a solid camera strap. Tanner Goods‘ SLR Camera Strap can keep their fancy image recorder from smashing into a million pieces. If you had to choose, get the one in natural veg-tan leather.

$125 at Tanner Goods.

PostalCo Shibori Notebooks


Whether it’s for a denim diary documenting their fades, or just an indigo-inspired idea log, the PostalCo notebooks are easy stocking stuffers for your entire circle of friends. Made in Japan using ecologically friendly paper, they’re crafted with care and beautifully designed. Sure, it’s another sort of cheap shot, but you’re on a time crunch. And hey, at least they aren’t socks.

$17 at Need Supply.

Wally the Whale


Wally the Whale comes from the Indigo Ocean and will go swimmingly for anyone on your list with kids. This stuffed sea creature is made by Fait la Force, a company that works with local artisans in developing parts of the world to help create jobs while creating beautifully simple pieces like this one. It’s basically a twofer.

$25 at Fait la Force.

UBI-iND Mi Cocina Denim Kitchen Collection


Ubi‘s Mi Cocina collection came from a love of denim and cooking, so if your giftee looks at his/her fades the same way he/she looks at their homecooked fajitas, a selvedge denim pot holder might be the gift you need to get. Made in the US of A, the collection includes aprons, oven mitts, napkins, and more.

$15-$180 at UBI-iND.

(Last Resort) Gift Cards


You’ve come to the conclusions that either your giftee is impossibly picky or, you just can’t think of anything to give them. You knew it’d come to this, but you were too afraid to acknowledge it. If none of the previous suggestions gave you anything worth your time, I’m sorry. I’ve failed you. But really, you did this to yourself. At least this one from Indigo Proof is a little more specific and says that you’re thinking about their long overdue crotch repair.

Literally from $1-$∞ at basically anywhere. Even your local grocery store.