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Studio D’artisan D4406 Denim Down Jacket

If the snow where you live is the kind that isn’t wet when it melts (maybe you live on a movie set or in the Macy’s holiday windows?), or else you’re auditioning for The Blue Man Group, we highly recommend this denim down parka from Studio D’artisan. We don’t have many details on the denim, specifically, but Studio D’artisan is always reliable in that department.

Spacious front patch pockets have velcro closure for secure (but mitten-manuevering-friendly) stuff stashing, and hand-warmer slots hide behind the pockets on both sides (for mitten-forgetting days). The snap front extends up to a cozy chin height, which creates a reliable winter weather shield, and when it’s milder or your hairdo looks especially great, you can snap off the hood.

Available for $348 from Denimio.