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No Two of Corridor’s Overyed Patch Shirts is Identical

Snow may be the last thing on your mind these days, but it’s hard to compare Corridor‘s new Overdyed Patch Shirts to anything besides snowflakes, given their completely individualistic nature. That’s right, no two are alike. Just don’t go trying to catch them on your tongue…

Each separate block (100% cotton ikat) was handsewn in India and then sent over to the Big Apple for some one on one time with a local natural dye house, where it was then stitched together forming the handsome shirt you see here. The end result is one very saturated — and very ready to fade — button-down. With the level of crazy going on in the fabric alone, Corridor decided to chill out with the rest of the detailing and kept it classy with a single chest pocket.

Available for $185 at Corridor.