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Father’s Day Gifts – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and finding the right present can be a struggle. Sure, old classics exist, such as world’s-greatest-dad mugs, ties, and pocket knives, but those gifts are trite at this point. Below are our choices for this coming Father’s Day, and while we don’t have enough room to offer multiple version of the same type of gift we hope our selections serve as a jumping off point for further research.

1) Fendrihan x Edwin Jagger: 3 Piece Wet-Shaving Set


Double-edge safety razors are all the rage right now and can be had at nearly any price point. This Fendrihan x Edwig Jagger 3-Piece Shaving Set is a bit pricier than some more entry level kits due to its quality and beautiful aesthetics, but you can definitely find less expensive sets that are still very nice. If your father already has a razor that he loves you can consider getting him a brush stand, shaving soap bowl, or a collection of some new shaving soaps.

Available for $96 from Fendrihan.

2) Huckberry: Copper Bar Tool Set


Copper will last for ages and a well mixed cocktail is always appreciated, so why not combine the two with this Huckberry Copper Bar Tool Set. This particular set comes with a doubled-sided jigger, stir spoon, and coil strainer, but any set of bar tools would make a great set. If your father is a whiskey drinker consider getting him some whiskey stones, or if he is a bit more adventurous some glasses and spoons. Moderation is important — but hey, Father’s Day comes but once a year.

Available for $40 from Huckberry.

3) Dan Cordero: Wooden Edison Table Lamp


I’m always weary of gifting furniture or other large household objects as everyone’s taste is so different, but Edison bulb lamps are huge right now and there’s always room for more table lamps. This Wooden Edison Lamp by Dan Cordero is eye-catching yet minimalist, two descriptions that often cannot describe the same Edison bulb lamp. If this style of fixture look like something your father would love than take a look at some other, similar offers — you’ll be sure to find something perfect for him.

Available for $79 from Dan Cordero.

4) Le Creuset: 12oz. Petite French Press


Perhaps I’m biased since I live in Seattle, but I can’t think of a better way to wake up in the morning than with a cup of coffee. And while many sugary lattes and pod coffee systems exist, they just don’t produce the same taste as a classic French press. Le Creuset’s 12oz. Petite French Press produces the perfect amount of morning coffee: one cup when you first get up and a second for on the way to work. If you father already has all the things he needs for his morning coffee consider getting him some interesting coffee beans, a new coffee grinder, any number of other coffee accessories.

Available for $50 from Amazon.

5) Jobon: ZB-308A Electric Arc Lighter


A reliable lighter should be a part of everyone’s ever day carry, but not everyone has one. While normal lighters might be good enough for some other’s like something a bit flashier; Jobon’s ZB-308A Electric Arc Lighter doesn’t create a flame but rather an electric arc between two electrodes. Not only does it look cool, but it is also hotter than a traditional lighter flame and windproof; and since there is no lighter fluid there is no risk in leaks staining clothing.

Available for $19 from Amazon.

Plus One – Charitable Donation


The Museum of Natural History. Image via CherryX per Wikimedia Commons

Does your father have a cause he’s passionate about or a local museum he loves visiting? This year consider making a donation in his name to his favorite charity or supporting his favorite non-profit by gifting him an annual membership. While everyone loves opening gifts it can feel just as good to know your loved ones are helping to support something that is truly important to you.

Available from your father’s favorite charity.

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