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Short Sleeve Chambray Shirts – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Chambray is one of the most versatile fabrics on the market, as it is durable yet breathable. While it makes excellent pants and jackets, it really comes alive when used to make lightweight, summer shirting. There are hundreds of short sleeve chambray shirts on the market, and those listed below are a mere sample of the many great options.

1) Save Khaki: Short Sleeve Shirt in Black Chambray


Save Khaki isn’t the highest end brand, but their clothing is stylish, well made, and reasonably priced. As such their Short Sleeve Shirt in Black Chambray is a great option if you are looking to add a shirt or two to your wardrobe but don’t want to drop a ton of money. It is made in the USA with a straight yoke back, pointed collar, and single front chest pocket. The bottom hem is rounded, making the shirt wearable both tucked or untucked.

Available for $135 from Unionmade Goods.

2) Rogue Territory: Jumper Shirt in Indigo/Indigo Chambray


It is very rare to see chambray with a non-white weft, which is why it is so great to see Rogue Territory using an indigo/indigo chambray for this iteration of their Jumper Shirt. The vibrant indigo color brings out the texture of the fabric, which is brought out more by the bright, natural pearl buttons. It features a ton of great construction details such as double stitching, tonal thread, and chain stitch runoff.

Available for $130 from Rogue Territory.

3) Momotaro: SJ092 Going-To-Battle in Red Chambray


Momotaro’s battle stripes, two white stripes that are silk-screened on the back pockets of jeans or left sleeves of shirts, are a bit divisive. While many denimheads consider them to be a key element of all Momo clothing they are a bit garish. That said, if you like the look then their SJ092 Goint-To-Battle Chambray might be the perfect summer shirt for you. It’s constructed from a 5oz. red selvedge chambray and features two chest pockets, a pointed collar, and the aforementioned GTB stripes.

Available for $124 from Denimio.

4) Gitman Vintage: Short Sleeve Shirt in Light Blue Linen Chambray


Gitman Vintage is a staple of the made-in-the-USA shirting industry, releasing dozens of new shirts each season. While many of these shirts are fairly basic some of them are quite exceptional, such as their Short Sleeve Chambray Shirt. Rather than featuring a standard cotton chambray fabric this shirt is constructed from linen, a fabric derived from fibers. The result is a softer and more breathable fabric than standard cotton chambray, which also features a unique textured.

Available for $195 from END.

5) Warehouse: Lot 3091 Open Collar Shirt in Beige Chambray


Warehouse’s Lot 3091 Open Collar Shirt is quite unique. It is made from a beige chambray fabric, unlike anything else on the market, with the wide collar and unique chest pocket design setting this shirt apart further. It is made in Japan, like all of Warehouse’s products, ensuring that it is made to the highest standards.

Available for $170 from Blue in Green.

Plus One – Ganryu: Mixed Fabric Chambray/Denim Shirt


Ganryu’s Mixed Chambray/Denim Shirt is one of the most unique shirts on the market. It’s primarily constructed from chambray, but features various denim and chambray patches on the chest. It has two front chest pockets as well as two large hand pockets, and shiny buttons and donut rivets. While this is certainly not a shirt I’d find myself wearing everyday, it is a great statement piece.

Available for $346 from Haven.

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