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JWJ Brand’s Introduces Their First Leather Belt

While natural veg tan leather belts aren’t that hard to find, acquiring one with the right combination of familiar time tested components and elements of worthwhile differentiation can be a taller task. But Spain’s JWJ just issued their first belt and, just like their denim, the devil lies in the details with this considered design.

The belt uses Hermann Oak-tanned 10oz. leather that’s been saddle stitched by hand in effort to maintain a clean appearance by avoiding knots. Each forged iron buckle has a red-orange fixed patina, which is a one-of-a-kind piece of hardware. In addition to those hallmarks, the belt was made in a run of just 30, so if this happens to be your cup of tea, grab one while the gettin’s good.

Available for about $135USD (excluding VAT) at JWJ Brand.