Pure Blue Japan Uses Deadstock Denim in Their Latest Coworkers Collab


Seoul retailer Mode Man recently turned 10-years old and, along the way, has peddled top-notch denim goods from the likes of Rogue Territory, Naked & Famous, and Momotaro. Their Coworkers series produces exclusive collaborations with many of these brands and their latest jean done in cahoots with famed denim brand Pure Blue Japan is one to keep in mind.

The cut takes advantage of PBJ’s popular 013 silhouette, a slim tapered fit seen on their best-selling jeans. It uses a denim that PBJ has left untouched and deadstock, weighing in at a year-round weight of 14oz. and, uncommon for PBJ, uses a pink selvedge ID. The warp yarns are rope-dyed with natural indigo while the weft yarns use natural, undyed cotton. What results is a slubby and neppy denim that’s full of texture potential.

Leaving no stone unturned, they made sure that the finer details are there, too. The iron buttons are coated black and will show their age, coinciding with the fading denim. And, for the leather patch, Mode Man combined their geometric logo with PBJ’s signature indigofera leaf to create a new, geometric indigo leaf. The cherry on top comes in the form of the embroidered leaf at the back pocket. Normally stitched with white threads, Mode Man went meta and embroidered the leaf with indigo threads that will also fade alongside the jeans.

You can find the jeans exclusively at Mode Man for $285.