Pricey Selvedge Jeans – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Selvedge denim doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby, but it’s certainly fun if it is. Your first pair costs $100, and your next couple pairs are $200; maybe you even splurge for that $300 dream pair. But then what? Well there is a whole host of limited edition, custom made, and just plain pricey jeans out there–so many that you’ll essentially never run out of potential future pairs.

Here are a few to lust over should you ever hit the lottery or momentarily lose your better judgment.

1) Pure Blue Japan: AI-013 18oz. Natural Indigo Slim Tapered


Pure Blue Japan have put out some fantastic limited edition jeans over the years, and their AI-013 18Oz. Natural Indigo Slim Tapered Jeans are the best of the best. Their popular slim tapered cut matches perfectly with the ultra slubby fabric, which is hand dyed to a deep color with natural indigo. Each pair is finished with custom branded hardware and a natural sheepskin leather patch.

Available for $673 from Blue in Green.

2) Studio d’Artisan: D1730AI 12oz. Tokushima Pure Indigo Jeans


Sometimes it seems that all denimheads prefer heavyweight denim, but that’s simply not true; and even if you are a fan of heavy denim sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side. That’s why it is so great to see Studio d’Artisan producing their limited edition D1730AI Tokushima Pure Indigo Jeans made out of 12oz. denim. The denim used is some of the best looking fabric I’ve seen in a long time, made with incredibly slubby yarn that is hank dyed with a deep indigo shade.

Available for $478 from Denimio.

3) Steel Feather: SF02AI Jean Natural Indigo


Steel Feather is probably most well known for their heavyweight jeans, but these 14oz. SF02AI’s are nothing to scoff at either. The pattern features a medium rise, slim thigh, and slightly tapered calf, resulting in a versatile cut that is perfect for everyday wear. And like all the other jeans on this list these come with a ton of great details, such as custom vintage-reproduction Laurel Wreath embossed buttons, 1800s inspired leather patch, herringbone fabric pockets, and a lined yoke.

Available for $395 from Rivet and Hide.

4) Naked & Famous: Weird Guy Super Heavyweight 32oz. Selvedge – Solid Black


Naked & Famous is known for producing some of the most unique jeans on the market, often walking the line between creative and gimmicky. In this case it’s both, and we love it. Their Weird Guy Super Heavyweight Solid Black Jeans are the heaviest on the market, weighing in at 32oz. The fabric comes unsanforized simply because they would be impossible to sew otherwise, and some details, such as the diagonal rear belt loop and zippered fly, are dictated by the fabric weight as well. If you want the heaviest denim then there is truly no alternative.

Available for $594 from Tate and Yoko.

5) Samurai Jeans: S003SJC Samurai Japan “Yamato”


Samurai has produced some truly historic limited edition jeans, such as their long sold-out ¥999,999 S000JPC special editions, but their much more affordable S003SJC Yamato Jeans are fortunately still available and feature the ultra-rare S000JPC fabric for the coin pocket. These jeans are made with Samurai’s impeccable attention to detail, with gold thread, silver hardware, green buttonhole stitching, and jacquard patterned fabric pocket bags. More information on these jeans is available via Samurai’s website and is worth a look even if you aren’t interested in picking these jeans up.

Available for $744 from Denimio.

Plus One – Momotaro: Gold Label Handwoven


One of the sad realities of limited edition jeans is that you might not be in the market for new jeans they are released, and once you need a new pair they are sold out. That’s why it’s good to plan ahead — in this case several years ahead. That’s right, getting your hands on a pair of Momotaro’s Handwoven Gold Label Jeans will take about a decade. That’s because there’s a waitlist and the production process takes about three months just for one pair. That’s mostly due to the fact that one meter of the fabric takes eight hours to weave. I can’t say I ever expect to have a pair of these jeans in my closet, but if you don’t mind the price or the wait there is truly nothing else like it.

Available for $2,000 on special order from Momotaro.