Attachment Uses 5 All Natural Ingredients for Their Washi Tweed Mac Coat

The Mackintosh Coat was first made in 1824 of a rubberized fabric, which was exceptionally waterproof but probably super sweaty inside. But the good people at Attachment have reinterpreted this menswear classic, and made it a whole lot more wearable.

There’s a lot going on in the Tweed Mac coat. the heavily textured tweed fabric is actually a blend of five all-natural ingredients: cotton, linen, wool, hemp, and… paper! But this isn’t just any paper, it’s Washi paper, a Japanese paper made from the inner bark of the gampi tree that is much stronger than regular pulp-based papers—so strong, in fact, that it is often used for clothing. This exciting blend is complemented nicely by a classic mac silhouette: thigh-length with a single vent down the back.

For those who want that perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the neppy mac coat from Attachment might be the perfect choice.

It’s available for $685 from Blue Owl.