Unique Double Rider Jackets – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Double Rider jackets are far from a new topic here at Heddels, but we’ve neglected to discuss one thing: the ultra-unique, personalized riding jacket. Some people just take a regular, run-of-the-mill jacket and make it their own with wear and tear or patches and pins, but others of us like to start with something that’s truly special. Sure, a quality leather jacket is special all on its own, but a top-tier leather jacket with a unique design or material choice? Now that’s something that’s worth wearing everyday.

1) Attachment: Deer Double Rider Jacket in Black


First up is Attachment’s Double Rider — it might not look like much more than a quality leather jacket, but looks can be deceiving. It constructed from deerskin rather than cowhide or horsehide, which makes it incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. While this leather isn’t that rare in the grand scheme of things, its certainly not always possible to find a deerskin double rider. The actual styling of this jacket, while minimalist, is pretty unique as well. The asymmetric zipper is a bit less prominent than on many double riders, and several common elements, such as collar snaps and flapped pockets, are absent on this piece as well.

Available for $2,195 from Blue Owl.

2) Golden Bear x UNIONMADE: Lux Wool Varsity Moto Jacket in Grey


Golden Bear produces some great entry level leather jackets, but that’s not why we are here today. Their recent Lux Wool Varsity collaboration with Unionmade takes the classic double rider style and reinvents it with wool. And if this complete material change isn’t enough GB updated this model with hidden-zipper hand and chest chest pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a tonal quilted-lining. This piece is certainly not for everyone, but it is definitely one of the most unique DR’s on the market today.

Available for $482 from Unionmade Goods.

3) Falcon Garments: DR Shearling


Falcon Garments is one of the most recommended made-to-order leather jacket brands out there, and their recently released DR Shearling has only served to promote their brand further. This piece is completely made from shearling, which means it is constructed from inverted sheepskin. The soft suede side of the leather on the exterior and the soft wool side on the interior. It is styled with a tall, stand-up collar with two buckled straps to secure it closed, rear facing sleeve zippers, and all the pockets you could possibly hope for. You probably won’t find much use for this jacket outside of the winter months, so order fast or prove me wrong!

Available for $1,295 from Falcon Garments.

4) Himel Brothers: Avro 1939 White Twotone


For many, Himel Brothers’ represent the highest echelon of leather jackets brands. And while there are a lot of quality makers out there, no one does unique leathers quite like HB. Their vintage-inspired Avro 1939 White Two Tone is primarily made with white Shinki Hikaku horsehide, although there are black horsehide accents throughout the piece; and if that wasn’t enough the jacket is lined with Japanese leaf camo twill. Somehow I can’t take my eyes off this one.

Available for $2,450 from Himel Brothers.

5) Schott: Wool/Leather Double Rider


Wool double riders have been around for ages, and if there is one company that knows how to make them right it is Schott. While the body of this Wool/Leather Double Rider is made of wool, it features leather arms, epaulets, pockets, belt, and other various accents throughout. Mixed textile/leather jackets have always been fairly divisive, but in my mind if you are up for wearing the same leather jacket everyday you should be just as happy with wearing the same mixed material jacket everyday.

Available for $595 from Schott.

Plus One – Hender Scheme: Not Riders Jacket in Natural


Hender Scheme is most well known for their natural veg tan homage sneakers, but their Not Riders Jacket is nothing to scoff at. It is made in Japan from three different natural, undyed leathers: cow, horse, and deer. These various leathers are put together to form a fairly standard double rider with high zippered front pockets, rear facing sleeve zippers, and a removable belt. Since this jacket is made of undyed leather it will darken with age to a beautiful honey brown, which just adds to this piece’s unique nature.

Available for $3240 from Unionmade.