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Freenote Replaces Rayon with Ripstop for Their Hawaiian Shirt

If you’re hankering for a Hawaiian shirt but haven’t felt right about the semi-artificial rayon fabric that dominates the suntanned domain, Freenote’s Hawaiian Shirt could be just the surf you’ve been praying for.

Their version uses a print that riffs on classic Hokusai-style imagery but leaves out the seafarers and Mt. Fuji altogether. It’s just a seascape, but in a Japanese cotton ripstop fabric that’s less delicate than your standard Hawaiian shirt, which means it should last quite a bit longer than the average Reyn Spooner. And as far as features go, short sleeves, a loop collar, and custom horn fisheye buttons round out the rest of this SoCal spin on an Island classic.

Find it for $150 at Manready Mercantile.