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Fade of the Day – Craft & Lore Enfold Card Wallet and Custom Cuff (6 Months)

Our Fade Of The Day today gives us a break from denim fades and shines a light on some stellar leather patina, direct from Cincinnati’s Ryan Stephenson and his Craft & Lore card wallet and custom cuff.

As you can see from the images, six months has been more than enough time for these pieces to come into their own and develop a strong caramel complexion. It should also be noted how evenly these pieces have patinated. It looks almost like they’d been dyed this very light brown tone during the tanning process. Rest assured, a ton of nicely contrasting color variance is on the way and for now we hope Ryan enjoys the rare evenness to the patina.

You can follow Ryan on Instagram.

Craft and Lore Enfold Vegetable Tanned Leather Wallet

  • Material: Vegetable tanned full grain cowhide
  • Material weight: 4 oz.
  • Material source: Unknown
  • Made in: USA
  • Additional Details:
    • Two card slots
    • Folding design
  • Available at: Craft and Lore for $80