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Broaden Your Bottoms with Fujito Wide Slacks

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again—chinos need to fit wide. Denim jeans can fit you with a little cling here and there, but trousers must drape.

Lucky for those of you who are down for the cause, there are the Wide Slacks from Fujito. The chinos come in a washed heavy-duty serge twill and waffle between workwear and suiting. Their heavy material and snap button front give them a serious Dickies or Ben Davis vibe, but their pleat and strong crease add a level of refinement you don’t always see in the competition. Their generous leg opening will give some serious airflow to your lower half. Take advantage of that in the summer months and pair it with a tee or Hawaiian shirt and you’ll have some classy retro summer vibes.

Available for $275 at No Man Walks Alone.