Engineered Garments Made a Pompom Beanie/Balaclava Combo

For anyone wondering what a wolverine would look like if a wolverine was a beanie, weird. But also, this. Engineered Garments’ new Balaclava Pompom Beanie is exactly what it sounds like—a balaclava with a mf pompom on the top of the crown—and just like a wolverine, it’s both adorable and intimidating. 

Crafted in Italy— also weird, at least for EG—from a 100% wool yarn, this design places the most playful of winter embellishments atop one of history’s most menacing hat styles, resulting in something that only the most playful of black bloc anarchists would wear.

Featuring a full face mask, rib-stitch construction and tighter ribbing at the neck, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you’re willing to weather some problematic associations and the stares of justly concerned passersby, it could be for you.

Available by phone order for $132 from Independence Chicago.