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Iron Heart’s 21oz. Denim Mountain Parka Fades Your Way Through Blizzards

If snow is headed to the mountain you live on and you need the crispy fades provided by a heavyweight denim, take a gander at this 21oz. Denim Mountain Parka made by Iron Heart. It’s most certainly going to fade hard, as IH’s 21oz. denim is known to do, even through heavy washing (or a blizzard).

It’s chambray lined, with four gusseted pockets on the front surrounding the zip and button placket, sealing the jacket tight. There’s additional necessary security for weathering the elements with drawcord fasteners on the hem, waist, and hood. So, throw on this parka and collect your firewood and trappings, or collect a hot chocolate and a muffin from Starbucks. 

Available for $500 at Iron Heart.