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Kapital’s Iconic Ring Coat Gets Kountrified

Kapital is known for many things, but perhaps their most famous piece is their Ring Coat. A distinctive silhouette with more buttons than sense, the Ring Coat has lived many lives in many iterations.

This classic piece is back under Kapital’s limited edition Kountry collection, and it’s in an entirely new style. It’s all been knit! Kountry pieces are all hand-worked one-off pieces, which means that no two are alike. The quality of the piece is pretty astounding and with its wool blend fabric, you know it’ll keep you nice and cozy in the winter-time. The wacky Kapital coup de grace is, in this case, two embroidered smiley faces, one on each elbow.

The new Ring Coat will keep you looking cozy and approachable all winter-long. Because if you can’t wrangle a real-life partner this cuffing season, this $918 jacket may have to do.

Available for $918 at Blue in Green.