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1/8 Takamura’s Chamarra Trapecio Jacket is Suited for Stealthy Acrobatics

The Chamarra Trepecio coat by Mexico City’s 1/8 Takamura might be available in other colors, but this one comes in black, so you can blend into the background of the night while out on a mission to assassinate a Sith Lord, or while out on a trip to Walgreen’s to pick up your prescription for flu medicine.

Made by hand in Mexico, the Chamarra Trepeccio coat is sleek and sophisticated, a proper piece of outerwear to go with your nicest or most casual of wardrobe. With a rinsed 100% heavy cotton twill outer, fishtail hem in the back, taped French seams, hidden button placket, large angled pockets hidden on-seam, snug sleeves, and an oversized hood, you could strap a quiver and a bow on your back and you wouldn’t be out of place in the backdrop of the Assassin’s Creed universe.

Available for $260 at Self Edge.