Legendary Brown’s Beach Cloth Gets a Robe Rendition

Full Count’s got the most rugged of robes available, the Brown’s Beach BBJ-006 Shawl Collar Robe, perfect for glamping or a casual mountain hike. This ain’t your dad’s bathrobe, folks. This is a sophisticated piece of outerwear that you don’t want your dad anywhere near because Pops will steal it from you.

With legendary Brown’s Beach Cloth—a wool-cotton blend lined with a ‘reclaimed’ wool backing—it’s warm but breathable, functional, and as beautiful as any fancy rugged fabric we can think of. Details on the robe include a horn toggle and leather lashing closure, two angled patch pockets, shawl collar, and it’s made in Japan by Full Count. It’s simple, as most robes are, but so much more (expensive).

Available for £849 (~$1080) at Clutch Cafe.