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Fade Friday – Levi’s 646 (50 Years, Unknown Washes)

Today we have the honor of showcasing some seriously special jeans, for this Fade Friday features what the owner believes to be a pair of Levi’s 646 jeans. What he does know from the 1960s and the owner’s dad wore them to one very famous music festival in the summer of 1969. Yes, that one.

These jeans come to use from Mike in Hartford, Connecticut, whose dad agreed to let him take some pictures of this psychedelic masterpiece. As the story goes, he was 18 back in 1969 and he and his friends drove down from Connecticut to upstate New York to attend Woodstock. Early Sunday morning, he was relaxing in a tent with a well-stocked cooler, and wearing these jeans, while Jimi Hendrix played his historic set.

These have faded a lot over the last five plus decades, going from rigid blue to an amazing light wash. Being an anti-establishment kind of guy, his dad removed the rear Levi’s patch and orange tab rather than give away free advertising. And lets not forget about the repairs, all of which were hand sewn by Mike’s dad’s friends.

This summer marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock so one of you better be wearing these damn pants in August.