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Beams Plus Blocks the Summer Heat with Their Set of Block Print Shirts

Japanese Americana masters Beams has done it again, just in time for summer. Having been perfecting classic, rugged and refined American style for decades, their elevated Beams+ label is offering some serious wabi-sabi vibes with these block print shirts. It’s the perfect time of year for them, too, since block printing tends to be done on lightweight fabrics.

This year’s drop even includes a long-sleeve number for when the occasion calls for protection on your forearms. With the usual attention to detail we’ve come to expect from the Japanese pioneers, we’ve got camp collars, mother of pearl buttons, chest flap pockets, and top-notch construction. But it’s the prints that really steal the show here, particularly the Mr. Porter-exclusive versions.

Available from £105 (~$130) at Mr Porter.