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Fade of the Day – Traveller Denim (Unknown Years, Unknown Washes)

Get your deerstalker hats on, preferably ones made with a tasteful tweed fabric, because we have ourselves a little denim mystery. These jeans were left at our metaphorical doorstop in the middle of a dark stormy night. Brand? Traveller Denim! Age? Nope. Washes? No idea. Wearer? John Do-not-know!

But fret not fellow denim heads, for we still have the piece of the puzzle that matters the most: pictures! And from these pictures, I think we will be able to solve this case…somewhat.

To start, the jeans are pretty dirty, like, found in an abandoned house bunched into a ball in the corner of the living room, dirty.  This tells us the wearer worked outside for a living and wore these jeans on the job. Beneath the caked-on dirt, there are fades, a-hidin’, pretty strong ones at that.

The overall color of the denim is still dark which tells us they haven’t been washed or soaked many times. The whiskers are pretty assertive going all the way across the front of the jeans. The knees are indigo drained with whiskers leaking out the sides. The honeycombs are deeply integrated and come all the way down to the back of the calf muscles. All of this points to the wearer spending a lot of time bending down, especially on the right knee – peep the two small holes.

With all of this in mind, I, a very (self) qualified denim detective would say this wearer works in some sort of construction or manual labor job and has worn these jeans daily for about one year. I predict they have been washed and soaked once. That being said, my guess is as good as any of yours! Feel free to make your hypotheses in the comments below.

Sherlock Cone(Mill)s signing off.

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