Fade of the Day – Unknown Denim Binder (5 Years)

Today’s Fade of the Day isn’t your average, but Trapper Keeper-style fades – why not?! This folder has been around a whole 15 years and probably saw its fair share of undergrad misadventures when Heddels reader Shaun Collins used it to file his notes back in college for 5 years.

Hailing from Canada, Shaun was having a Marie Kondo-style purge of his belongings before moving cross-country when he discovered this denim-bound binder, and it brings us joy. It’s stitched with classic orange thread and has acquired some cool fades over the years: just look at the indigo-loss on the spine where Shaun carried it to class, and there are even some gradients around the edges resembling roping.

Shaun isn’t sure where he got it from but hit us up if you know because we’re pretty sure everyone at Heddels office will be after one.