18east Spends Summer in Delhi for Their Fourth Drop

Before we get into the Summer in Deli editorial from 18 East, we should probably just take a second to appreciate the fact that the legend Antonio Ciongoli is back in our lives again and also that the (stupid good) stuff he’s doing is still coming at a far more reasonable price than Eidos’ did… Good. Glad we did that together. Onward.

THAT EDITORIAL AND THAT COLLECTION THOUGH. I’m far too broke to be able to fully digest all that’s happening in Summer in Delhi*, but I love it so much that I’m going to try. First off, Delhi looks dope, but somehow 18 East’s fourth drop somehow looks more dope. A pitch-perfect array of Ikat-print shorts, baggy chinos, faded-out tees, woven pullovers, lightweight outer-layers and sweaters that I might do crimes for, the entire collection makes effortless look stuffier and more uptight than a crew cut. 

(*At this point you guys know I basically exist to make questionable life choices—if you didn’t, hi—and in order to make those choices in regards to this collection, and by those choices I mean buying like half of it, I almost don’t want to mention the things I want. Like sure, it’s my job, but I have a behavioral problem to escalate.)

Seriously, look at that shot of the dude in the red shorts, printed shirt and robe. He hasn’t cared about anything since 2014 and based on available evidence, he’s only looked great not caring about anything since 2014.

And while every piece is legitimately deserving of a detailed breakdown, the sweaters might be deserving of their own holiday. It makes sense considering that Ciongoli himself rocks the hell out of a sweater, but he went absolutely berserk this time around, delivering a range of slouchy hemp designs that turn every fit up to 11 and actually work in the summertime. 

Get after it quick though, because none of it lasts long. 

Editorial and clothing available at 18 East.