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Fade of the Day – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers (5 Years, 1 Wash)

Sometimes you just can’t deny the classics: a plain white tee, some Levi’s 501 STFs, and a pair of black, hi-tops like Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars (even though they’re not made in USA anymore). Today’s Fade of the Day is such a classic.

These sneakers come to us from William Crabtree of the UK who wore them as his go-to sneakers to school for 5 years. Canvas sneakers are known to be many things, but durable enough to wear regularly for 5 years generally isn’t one of those things, so William had to do some repairs to keep these going that long. He replaced the insole and sewed shut holes and tears on the inner canvas lining.

The effort was worth it though as these sneakers lasted quite a long time and likely gave William the classic style and service he was after.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers

  • Material: Canvas, rubber, etc.
  • Material source: Unknown
  • Made in: Unknown
  • Additional Details:
    • Logo patch
    • Contrast stitching
    • Ventilation holes
  • Available at: Famous Footwear for $54.99