The Naked & Famous x Dragon Ball Z Collab Will Drop on These Dates

Naked & Famous just announced the release dates for their Dragon Ball Z collaboration jeans (and jackets), so don’t go Super Saiyan on a new pair of jeans just yet—they’ll arrive on our planet next month. With each garment designed to match a beloved character from the show, and with four jeans and two jackets in total, there’s something for everyone aching to show their love for DBZ. Going Saiyan in these is going to produce some gnarly fades.

While jackets will only be made for Goku and Future Trunks, all four characters will have their own jeans. Fans will recognize the back pocket patch reinforcing detail without having to look at the character embossed on the leather patch of every jean. They’d also take one look at the black denim and lavender selvedge line jeans and know they were made to match the purple-haired lad from the future, Trunks. Which character will you cop?

  • September 13: Vegeta Super Saiyan Selvedge
  • September 27: Goku Super Saiyan Selvedge
  • October 4: Cell Perfect Selvedge
  • October 11: Trunks Future Selvedge

Mark your calendars at Naked & Famous.