Sage de Cret’s Latest Liner Jackets are More Than Meets the Eye

It blows my mind that summer might end and that once again, we’ll be switching up our wardrobes. Putting away our shorts and sandals is always a pleasure, but the arrival of winter weather can also be daunting.

If you want to suit up extra efficiently this coming fall (layers, layers, layers), you might want to take a gander at these here jackets from Sage de Cret, whose “A Plainly Coloured Jacket” has more going on than meets the eye (and for that matter, product name). Taking clear cues from vintage military jacket liners, Sage de Cret takes a novel approach to this classic look by switching up materials. One version opts for a 75% wool/ 25% cotton blend, and another goes a slightly more traditional direction with 100% polyester and a zip closure. Whether you go for the cardigan-esque, button-up charcoal style or the reversible poly one, you’ll have great options whether inside or outside of your favorite winter jacket.

Available for from $575 CAD (~$435USD) at Lost and Found.