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New Elza Kephart Movie Slaxx Sees Naked & Famous Jeans Kill People

Just when you thought you’d seen it all in the denim world. And let’s be honest, most of the denim you’ve seen that makes it onto the crazy scale is courtesy of Canada’s Naked & Famous. Chestnut dyed denim, scratch and sniff denim, and even rainbow fade denim, to name but a few.

Well, this is definitely something you won’t have seen jeans do before. Enter:  Slaxx. The new Elza Kephart movie sees a pair of Naked & Famous Natural Indigo Selvedge take on a frighteningly fierce personality. Now, raw jeans are a lot of things, but who knew they were capable of murder? Premiering during the Fantastia Film Festival and making the rounds at other indie film festivals on the circuit, if you ever had the hankering to watch a murderous pair of jeans go on a mall rampage—disemboweling the innocent and twisting peoples fingers off—now is the time.

Check out the trailer here




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