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Heddels x Winter Session Triple Fade White Oak Denim Garrison Bag

Of all the brands we discuss on this site, the one I’m closest to is Winter Session. I mean this literally—my desk is 10 feet away from where they make everything.

When I moved back to Colorado, Roy and Tanya (the duo behind Winter Session) made me an offer on 100 square feet of their North Denver workshop that I couldn’t refuse. I’ve been here—along with another leather brand, a tailor, an apron maker, two architects, and a coffee roaster—for the past year.

As we covered in our Bank Bag collab, WS makes it all in house. Leather, fabric, and thread comes in; wallets and bags go out. And as we’ve expanded our offerings on the Heddels Shop, it’s also expanded the opportunities we can pursue for one off products. There’s a fully capable production facility with expert leatherworkers and sewers right next to where I’m typing this, I couldn’t imagine a better setup for experimenting with new product.

The first experiment we’re ready to share is one I’ve been imagining for several years. I’ve always been taken by WS’s Garrison Bag silhouette. It just looks so clean and balanced and inviting. It’s a tote bag meets a Filson briefcase but it weighs less, can hold a lot more, there’s a pocket for your water bottle, and it can stand upright.

It’s made with a heavy canvas body and then panels sewn through as pockets on the outside. This construction makes it really attractive to blending a couple fabrics in a two-tone.

Thus begat our Triple Fade Garrison, three materials come together for the ultimate in patina potential. Our iteration is made of a natural 22oz. cotton canvas, 5oz. veg-tanned bridle leather handles and strap, and 11oz. Cone Mills White Oak selvedge denim.

Our Triple Fade Garrison (left) next to a nearly decade old one made of different materials.

That’s right, some of the last of Greensboro’s famous blue is here and ready to wear with you for probably a lot longer than what you’d get out of a pair jeans. Only 20 bags will be made, after that the denim’s all gone and you know there won’t be any more.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, they’re $269 and available exclusively at the Heddels Shop.

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