Norse Projects Helps Those Dyeing for a Sustainable Denim Jacket

Taking cues from the timeless workwear staple known as the chore coat, Norse Projects’ Tyge Denim Indigo jacket will have you looking good while feeling sustainable. That’s because this Italian-made, Italian-sourced (pre-covid outbreak, mind you) denim is ethically constructed with rational use of water and energy and without synthetic chemicals used to make or finish rivets and buttons.

You might be thinking, okay that’s all well in good but this sounds like a gimmick. Wrong. This upgraded piece of workwear can compete with any modern denim on the market in terms of quality and design, it just happens to be better for the environment. *Sips indigo*. So whether you need a layering piece or a strong main event, this jacket can keep up.

Not only is the denim substantial in weight and feel, it has been naturally dyed with real indigo, which will lead to a strong, unique wear pattern. (What would a Heddels article be without mentioning fade potential.)

Available for $420 CAD ($301 USD) at Understudy