Slim Leather Billfolds – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

If you like to be able to carry both cards and bills but don’t want your wallet to swell to Costanza levels, then this list is for you. Whether you’re looking for a wallet that won’t feel bulky when you dress up or just want something new for your everyday carry, we hope you find your ideal slim billfold on this list.

1) Bleu de Chauffe: Peze Wallet


Bleu de Chauffe’s Peze Wallet is a great choice if you only need to carry a few cards—with one main compartment for bills and two slots for cards, this made in France leather wallet can carry just enough to make it your new favorite.

That said, you’ll likely be able to stretch the card slots enough to carry additional cards if that’s what you want.

Available for $95 from Cultizm.

2) Bellroy: Hide & Seek Wallet


Bellroy’s Hide & Seek Wallet is small enough to be unobtrusive when carried while still having enough slots for everything  you want to carry. It has four card pockets, an extra large card slot, a hidden coin pouch, a bill section, and RFID protection for additional security.

While not quite as small as some of the other wallets on this list, this wallet is far from the bulky Costanza wallets that some of us are lugging around.

Available for $89 from Bellroy.

3) Makr: Landscape Billfold Wallet


Makr’s Landscape Billfold Wallet is another option for those who want a thin wallet for their everyday carry, but also want to be able to carry all their cards when the need arises.

With only a bill pocket and two card slots, this wallet can hold up to twelve cards if the slots are fully occupied. Made from Horween Chromexcel with painted edges, this wallet has a minimalist look that is hard to not love.

Available for $102 from Makr.

4) Leffot: The Fold


If you’re looking for a simplistic wallet that can hold bills without having to fold them up first, then Leffot’s The Fold is the obvious choice.

Made from premium Horween shell cordovan, this wallet features a simple T shape design where the middle portion folds up to hold everything snug and secure. Whether that’s cash, cards, or a combination of the two, this simple wallet will make the perfect daily companion.

Available for $135 from Leffot.

5) Veilance: Casing Billfold


Veilance produce some beautiful minimalist pieces, and their Casing Billfold is another great exemplification of this. With no stitching at all, this adhesive sealed wallet has room for both cash and card, all in a smooth a package as is possible.

While the nontraditional style might not appeal to everyone, it is truly worth considering if it’s something you find attractive. And knowing Veilance’s quality standards this piece will be with you for a good long while, stitches or no.

Available for $250 from Veilance.

Plus One – Obbi Good Label: Money Clip


Obbi Good Label produces some great pieces, and their Money Clip is just one among them.

With six card slots but no bill slots, this wallet does its duty in securing your case through the use of a central money clip. While this design isn’t for everyone it does allow a slimmer profile without losing overall functionality.

Made in Singapore from Italian leather, this wallet offers a price-to-quality ratio that just can’t be beaten.

Available for $135 from Standard & Strange.