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Kiriko Stitches Up a Collection Of Boro Dopp Kits

Kiriko Made is giving you the perfect excuse to carry your toiletries, stationery, crafting tools, or just about anything else with their Boro Dopp Kit dropping in 7 unique variants. You haven’t seen a Dopp kit like this before — Okay, that has to be the first time that sentence has ever been said — but it’s true! Made from a whimsical patchwork of cotton Boro scraps, they have this great survivor look to them, and immense character with a lifetime of wear left to go.

The Dopps are made in Portland, Oregon and feature a striped canvas lining, hand-dyed embossed leather, and brass YKK zippers. It measures 10″ x 5.5″, so whether you a making it a daily driver or a bag for special trips, you’re covered.

However, with only one of each design made, you will need to act fast.

Available from $95 at Kiriko Made