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Kei Shigenaga Fills In The Cracks With 18K Gold

Leave it to Kiya and Young at Self Edge to scope out the good stuff! SE recently began carrying Kei Shigenaga, a Japanese jewelry brand that takes its inspiration from natural forms.

Though all of Kei’s offerings are made to exacting standards and necessitate hours of polishing, these two new rings are special. Self Edge doesn’t typically include gold in their mainline jewelry offerings (Good Art special orders notwithstanding), but Kei’s Kyoka and Koryu rings can now be had with 18 k. gold poured into the cracks of the pure sterling silver ring.

With just enough gold for a pop of color and an evocative, intriguing form that will age marvelously, these new silver and gold rings are just the thing to buoy your spirits in these tough times.

Available from $635 at Self Edge