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ONI Marries Indigo & Black With Its 679 Aizumi x Black Secret Denim Jeans

It wasn’t long ago that it was pretty hard to track down a good pair of jeans that rested in that unique niche between indigo and black. In recent years, many reputable brands have found their own unique way to interpret the highly-sought indigo x black look and now ONI has its own take.

Unlike others, whose indigo x black jeans rely on an indigo warp and black weft, ONI has instead blended an ‘Aizumi’ warp with a black weft for a unique interpretation of this style. Aizume brings together the Japanese words for indigo (aizome) and black (sumi) – meaning in this case that the warp threads are rope-dyed with both indigo and black dye, and then woven with a weft of rope-dyed black threads.

The result? 20 oz. of inky-black, loose-tension raw selvedge denim, which is then cut into the brand’s 679 strong tapered fit which will fade like nobody’s business.

Available at Redcast Heritage for $259