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Iron Heart Sews Up Its Iconic 777 Jean In 21 oz. Overyded Black Raw Selvedge Denim

Stuck as we are in a pandemic, it’s easy to feel stagnant… as though the world has stopped spinning and we’ve all stopped moving with it. However, this is not the case. Life continues, things change, and in some cases, even improve…

The folks at Iron Heart haven’t been slacking off during these trying times, in fact, they’ve introduced a new overdye recipe they’re calling “mad black”. Traditional overdye is always cool, but it often lands the product in a murky no man’s land between blue and black. Not so with the new 777S-21mb, that new amazing double overdye laid over Iron Heart’s classic 21 oz. indigo selvedge denim. Cut in Iron Heart’s staple slim straight ‘777’ fit, the jean brings everything you love about IH’s classic cut and fabric, but with a profoundly deep black dye that will increase both fade potential and wearability.

With all the toughness and refinement of Iron Heart’s core collection, but a breakthrough in their dyeing abilities, this is a jean that even the most crowded of IH collections will accommodate.

Available for $400 at Division Road Inc.