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Take Summer Snaps In Style With Tanner Goods’ Veg Tan SLR Strap

If the sun is gonna be hitting your neck this summer, consider throwing the Tanner Goods SLR Camera Strap around it. Perfectly suited for absorbing those sweet UV rays and the sweat that’s sliding down your head on a hot summer’s day, this Camera Strap might be pretty light in tone now, but imagine what it’ll look like once all those memories have been captured come Fall.

Cut from two different weights of natural vegetable-tanned leather, the SLR Camera Strap can attach to any camera with eyelets or a strap ring, thanks to the nifty nylon attachment system that Tanner Goods deployed on this design.

Each strap is made and finished by hand like all of Tanner’s leather goods. You’ve just got to decide which camera to attach to your instant heirloom strap. Nikon, Canon, Minolta — whatever — this strap’s going to make it look the bomb.

Available at Tanner Goods for $150 ($127.50 for Heddels+ Type 2 members)