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Fade Friday – Bob Dong N031 (7 Years, 5 Washes)

Yazhou in Melbourne, Australia has been chiseling away at his N031 jeans from Bob Dong for 7 years and I know what you’re thinking… Bob Dong has been around for 7 years? Time flies.

Worn daily, Yazhou has clearly gotten his money’s worth…like 3 times over. And besides a classic inner left leg blow out down near the ankle, it looks like he’s working on a 4th time.

From the ribcage whiskering on the lap, vertical comet streaking down the leg, Yazhou’s jeans have it going on. And thanks to 5 perfectly timed washes, not only are the flies (mostly) staying away, the’ve given the jeans a great vintage finish bringing some great texture to the surface. So back to that unique lower leg ventilation—I’m thinking our friend rides rides a bike? Or maybe a koala bear mistook the denim for a eucalyptus leaf?