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Fade Friday – Brave Star 14oz “Unfinished” Cone Mills Regular Taper (2 Years, 6 Washes, No Soaks)

Order in the court! That’s what they say when Rene, from New York, walks into his law school in his 14 oz. Cone Mills jeans from Brave Star. For 2 years and between 500-600 wears, Rene has worn these jeans bicycling 10 miles a day, five days a week to class in New York City, where they’ve been his good luck charm for his law exams.

Through roughly infinite crotch blowouts from all the saddle-time and 6 washes, these jeans are looking quite experienced. Like if these jeans were applying to law firms, they’d automatically make partner. There’s no hiding those washed-out whiskers, sunburst thighs, and those alluring oasis honeycombs. And the over-all bright blue hue? Forget about it.

But that’s enough out of me, its time to plead the—wait—which is it again?

You can follow Rene on Instagram @fadesinbrooklyn