Japan Blue Patches Up 4 Of Its Propietary Fabrics For Its 10th Anniversary Collection

To celebrate 10 years in business, Japan Blue is rewarding its loyal patrons with what can only be described as a denim buffet. Let me explain. Their 10th-anniversary lineup is made up of a skinny, tapered, straight, and classic straight pair of jeans and a type II trucker jacket where each item is made with 4 different kinds of denim.

We’re talking some 16.5 oz Côte d’Ivoire cotton monster selvedge, 14.8 oz Texas, US cotton selvedge, 12.05 oz African cotton selvedge, and 12.50z Stretch selvedge to be exact. So if you find it tough or boring to pick jeans and jackets which just feature ONE measly type of denim, you’ve finally met your match. Equally, for you top-tier denim nerds who obsess over wear, fading, and breakdown nuances, you are going to see 4 different evolutions at once.

And yes each fabric even has its own stitch color because why doesn’t love a subtle frankensteining? Finished off with a commemorative patch and pocket bags, all there is left to say is —  happy 10th birthday, Japan Blue!

Available from $300 at Japan Blue