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Style Starters – New Americana

New Americana. You know the style, but have you heard it described as such? This contemporary style is everywhere, chances are high that you’re outfitted in some right now if jeans/boots/shirting from modern brands is your flavor. To be honest, Heddels might not exist without New Americana, as we started by covering the style at the time of its booming.

Birthed by the revival of Japanese-made Americana clothing from brands The Flat Head, Studio D’Artisan, and many more, New Americana is all of what we love 20th Century American Manufacturing of denim, workwear, and military wear updating it with modern silhouettes and obsessive detailing. But the trend wasn’t just built by Japanese brands. American brands like Tellason, Raleigh Denim, Railcar, and Rogue Territory took Japan’s interpretations of American workwear and made them their own again, bringing the style full circle to its Western homeland.



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