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ONI Celebrates 20th Anniversary With ‘Olive-Ish Grey’ & ‘Mocha’ Weft Denims


ONI Denim 544 “20th Anniversary Moca” 19oz Stylish Tapered Jeans


ONI Denim 622 “20th Anniversary Moca” 19oz Relaxed Tapered Jeans


ONI Denim 622 “20th Anniversary Olive-ish Grey” 19oz Relaxed Tapered Jeans


ONI Denim 544 “20th Anniversary Olive-ish Grey” 19oz Stylish Tapered Jeans

ONI Denim celebrates its 20th anniversary with a limited quartet of demon-toned jeans and bandanas. Four different pairs of tapered jeans means there’s something for everybody who likes a slim cut, and if you don’t need a fresh pair of ONI jeans, grab a bandana to stash in the back pocket of your current pair.

The jeans come in both Relaxed Tapered and ‘Stylish Tapered’ cuts, with two different denim fabrics deployed on both styles, so you can mix and match if you want to grab one of each (ONI fanboys rise up). The two different fabrics in question feature different colored wefts: One “Mocha”, and one “Olive-ish Grey”. They’re expectedly ONI-approved earth-toned wefts that are pretty subtle in terms of fun and different colored weft yarns, but sometimes, subtle is good. And, if you’re a fan of ONI, drab, gnarly, and earthy tones in denim is probably your thing, anyway.

The bandanas come in the aforementioned colors featured on the commemorative jeans, so you can echo the color of your cuff with the useful and beautiful rag hanging out of your back pocket or ’round your neck. One comes free with each pair of jeans or is available separately for just $24.

Available for $241 over at Redcast Heritage

You can read about warp and weft yarns by visiting our guide: Understanding Raw Denim: Warp, Weft and Twill

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