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Fade Friday – NBDN Anubis (18 Months, 5 Washes, 4 Soaks)

Fahan over in Indonesian has been working on his NBDN Anubis jeans for 1.5 years and after 10 contacts with water they’ve really come alive. Well, water and a whole bunch of living! From wearing them daily around campus to hanging out with loved ones, it’s safe to say Fahan considers these jeans as a member of his family and a crucial part of his routine.

Used in a fading contest, these jeans are amongst the most worn-in that we’ve ever seen earned in such a short time frame. Apart from the tippity top of the top block and the ankle cuffs — which by their own accord have great denim evolution happening — these jeans have achieved a rarely seen shadowy complexion full of white on white fades where even the wear itself is worn out, leaving only relics of fades past. An achievement that, if you’ve faded a pair of jeans before, know or can only assume to be extremely difficult to achieve. Jeans off to you Fahan.

You can check Fahan out on Instagram @fahansalfarabi

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