Come Out Fighting in Sun Surf’s “Fighting Tiger” Hawaiian Shirt

Philly-based clothing retailer Franklin & Poe has added a new item to its collection, and it’s fierce. Introducing the Sun Surf Rayon Hawaiian Shirt in Fighting Tiger Green. 

Made in Japan from high-quality rayon crepe fabric, this shirt features a vibrant green background adorned with a fierce tiger print, an engineer-cut pocket, a camp collar, pleated shoulder seam, and custom buttons from Japan. 

This particular design is inspired by a ‘Fighting Tiger’ shirt from the early ‘50s, which Sun Surf has reproduced through a combination of discharge printing and overprinting, resulting in an insanely vibrant all-over print fabric. 

I honestly don’t know how Sun Surf manages to turn print ideas that sound horrendous on paper into must-have vacation shirts. I’m yet to see them make a palatable version of the short-sleeve flame shirts that plagued the ‘90s, but if there was a brand I’d bet on to do it, it would be Sun Surf. Challenge accepted? 

Available for $150 from Franklin & Poe.