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Staff Select – Non-Denim Lightweight Jackets

Who doesn’t love a good lightweight jacket? They’re essential pieces of outerwear for 90% of the world – you can layer, look smart, and just feel damn good when you’re rocking one of your cool (literally) jackets. All the jacket bitches out there know what I’m talking about (guilty as charged). A light jacket is a great way to show your personality through the form and functionality you require in such a garment.

In this edition of Staff Select, we’re breaking down our favorite lighter-weight jackets. And no, we’re not talking about denim jackets — that garment deserves its own edition of Staff Select. But do we all wear vintage reproduction, workwear styles, all cut out of durable canvas? Or do we break away from the tried and true types a bit, in order to express ourselves, and have a nice contrast from the regularly vintage style denim we’re used to wearing on our bottom halves? Well, we’ll show you.

Why trust us? Well, we’ve all been in the game long enough to have field-tested a range of quality clothing, and the Heddels operation puts us onto some of the best clothing in the world week in, week out. Whilst our opinions and experiences shouldn’t be taken as definitive, this series will provide you insight into what has worked for us and why.

Daniel – Vintage Kapital Chore Coat


I found this old Kapital (when they were still Capital, yeah it’s that old) chore coat on Grailed 5 or more years ago… and it’s great. I don’t wear it as often as I’d like to (I live in perpetual sweater weather), but it’s one of my favorite pieces of clothing.

It’s black (clearly garment dyed) and has some fading/roping on the seams already. What I really love about the jacket are the pockets. Yeah, it’s got 3 pockets on the exterior (including a nifty pen pocket on the chest), but it also has two very roomy pockets on the interior that you can fit a notebook, book, sandwich, etc. inside.

The sheer functionality of the jacket makes this thing a great “one jacket” to don when traveling, or when trying to pare down the wardrobe, not to mention it has a blazer type of collar with a small lapel, making it seem slightly more sophisticated than most chore coats out there. I really really love this jacket.

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