The Real McCoy’s 30s Sports Jacket is a Work of Art

The 1930s were an era for clothing that filtered quintessential styles into their purest form. From the beginning of the sweatshirts to the evolution of jeans and work shirts, there are many modern-day designs that rely on this pivotal time in functional design. However, there is one example that sticks out across all types of clothing as a style so enduring it can truly be called a classic: the zipper-front leather jacket.

And thanks to the repro royalty over at The Real McCoy’s, the public is being treated to perhaps the ultimate homage. Called their 30s Freeman Sports Jacket in Deerskin Brown, this jacket is made in their leather atelier in Kobe, Japan, out of black tanned Deerskin, resulting in a buttery soft feel.

But of course that’s only the beginning. Adorned with all the bells and whistles that vintage and heritage lovers geek out on like a ball chain chest zip pocket, grommet zipper, pleated back with waist adjusters, cotton satin lining — and of course, a lovely chinstrap —there is nothing left to chance with this design. It’s truly all there and sealed with not one but two old-school neck tags mirroring the brand and sub-line — a detail old jackets such as this would have.

Sure to stand the test of time while slowly breaking in like an old-school baseball glove, if you’re looking for a lifer, you found it.

Available for $2450 from Clutch Cafe.