Iron Heart’s Sweat Pants are, You Guessed It, Ultra Heavyweight

Sweatpants are leg coverings for chilling at home, running errands, or walking the dog. That’s until you find a pair of sweatpants like Iron Heart’s 14 oz. Ultra Heavyweight Loopwheel Cotton Sweat Pants. These hefty loopwheeled sweatpants are rewriting the narrative with the potential to have you looking more together than your average slacks could.

Woven in Wakayama, these loopwheeled cotton sweatpants are made from the same fabric as IH’s famous sweatshirts, which can feel like windproof armor in the colder months. Featuring elasticated ankles, a drawstring waist, and lined pockets, these sweats take it back to the early days of athletics when even your warmup clothes were made to last. I mean really, four needle Union Special flat stitched seams? On sweatpants? Talk about superior craftsmanship!

Available for $265 from Iron Heart.