Storm into Fall with Soundman’s Japanese Gabardine Cyclone Jacket

Although it existed for way longer, it’s surprising that old-school British gear doesn’t get as much shine as American stuff. However, with the introduction of pieces like this Cyclone Army Jacket in Army Green from Soundman, that might start to change.

Combing the functionality of flight suits, hunting jackets, and windbreakers, the Cyclone is inspired by a Yorkshire-made mid-century Britsh sportswear jacket known as the ‘Nomad’ – which is an exciting revelation for a vintage-head like me, as I never knew these existed.

A design that was popular amongst cyclists back in the day (now my mind is really blown) this revival was made in Japan and features a ventile cotton gabardine shell — shout out Daiwabo Co. boasting weatherproof capabilities — it is effective against light rain all the way up to heavy wind without compromising breathability. But beyond fabrication, details like a two-way front zipper, raglan sleeves, and an assortment of handy front pockets put this design in a cycle lane of its own.

Finished off with adjustable side cinches, snap cuffs, and an absolutely sensational back pocket, if you want a functional light jacket cut from a different cloth in this velodrome of fashion, reach for the Cyclone. Warning: will not help you achieve ultimate aerodynamics.

Available for $440 ($406 for Heddels+ members) from Clutch Cafe